Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Event Camp Twin Cities 2011 Media and Blog Aggregation #ectc11

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EventCamp Physical
Program and Journals
Event Camp Twin Cities 2011 took place August 25-26 at the McNamara Alumni Center on the University of Minnesota Campus in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Main Web Site:
Event Camp Twin Cities | August 25-26, 2011 Minneapolis, MN USA http://ow.ly/6gT05

Event Web-Cast Replay:
REPLAY Event Camp Twin Cities 2011 Recorded Webcasts are AVAILABLE NOW http://ow.ly/6kib5
The future is so bright we had to wear visors!
They were very handy for the
Buffalo Wild Wings Reception.
Blog Posts
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  2. On Sponsorship- Initial reflections from ECTC11 http://ow.ly/6gTxr by Brandt Krueger 
  3. Event Camp Twin Cities | RegOnline Product Blog http://ow.ly/6gTEk by Michelle Nikolayevsky
  4. Dissecting Innovation at Event Camp -etouches http://ow.ly/6hP8w by Jim Alkon
  5. Meetings in mind: A renaissance of meetings http://ow.ly/6hUQ7 by Sanne Jolles
  6. Continuing the Conversation: Keeping Conferences Alive. http://ow.ly/6hUYp by @JessicaLevin
  7. EventCamp Twin Cities 2011 Hybrid Innovations | Virtual Edge Institute http://ow.ly/6hVsR by @CeceSalomonLee
  8. Personal Lessons Learned from Event Camp Twin Cities 2011 http://ow.ly/6kiwf by @CeCeSalomonLee
  9. My First Time at Event Camp - http://ow.ly/6hVEu by Corinne Kessel 
  10. Minnesota's Hospitality Journal: Event Camp Twin Cities: Active Network Q&A http://ow.ly/6hZMs by Ellie M. Bayrd
  11. Tips for organizing Pecha Kucha sessions | Conferences That Work http://ow.ly/6jniy by Adrian Segar @ASegar
  12. #ECTC11 Connecting with the lessons to be learned - VIDEO COMMENT from Amsterdam | http://ow.ly/6jntn by Anonymous 
  13. ECTC11: Experiences of a Remote Attendee - Engage365 http://ow.ly/6jpzB by Derrick Stomp
  14. Engaging Your Remote Audience  http://ow.ly/6orve  by @EmilieBarta
  15. Takeaways from EventCamp Twin Cities 2011 - The Big Ideas Blog from Omnipress http://ow.ly/6orqY by Sara Olbrantz
  16. Reflecting on Virtual Attendance of ECTC11 http://ow.ly/6oH2W by Emma Gabrielson

  • Event Camp Silicon Valley Pod Discussion - Show 183 | Meetings Podcast http://ow.ly/6gTHv

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  • #ECTC11 - Connecting with the 'PODs' - lessons to be learned - YouTube http://ow.ly/6gQsE