Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Event Camp Twin Cities 2011 Media and Blog Aggregation #ectc11

Updated 9/8/11 at 9AM

EventCamp Physical
Program and Journals
Event Camp Twin Cities 2011 took place August 25-26 at the McNamara Alumni Center on the University of Minnesota Campus in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Main Web Site:
Event Camp Twin Cities | August 25-26, 2011 Minneapolis, MN USA http://ow.ly/6gT05

Event Web-Cast Replay:
REPLAY Event Camp Twin Cities 2011 Recorded Webcasts are AVAILABLE NOW http://ow.ly/6kib5
The future is so bright we had to wear visors!
They were very handy for the
Buffalo Wild Wings Reception.
Blog Posts
  1. The Great Event Camp Challenge! | http://ow.ly/6gT7o by @LizKingEvents
  2. On Sponsorship- Initial reflections from ECTC11 http://ow.ly/6gTxr by Brandt Krueger 
  3. Event Camp Twin Cities | RegOnline Product Blog http://ow.ly/6gTEk by Michelle Nikolayevsky
  4. Dissecting Innovation at Event Camp -etouches http://ow.ly/6hP8w by Jim Alkon
  5. Meetings in mind: A renaissance of meetings http://ow.ly/6hUQ7 by Sanne Jolles
  6. Continuing the Conversation: Keeping Conferences Alive. http://ow.ly/6hUYp by @JessicaLevin
  7. EventCamp Twin Cities 2011 Hybrid Innovations | Virtual Edge Institute http://ow.ly/6hVsR by @CeceSalomonLee
  8. Personal Lessons Learned from Event Camp Twin Cities 2011 http://ow.ly/6kiwf by @CeCeSalomonLee
  9. My First Time at Event Camp - http://ow.ly/6hVEu by Corinne Kessel 
  10. Minnesota's Hospitality Journal: Event Camp Twin Cities: Active Network Q&A http://ow.ly/6hZMs by Ellie M. Bayrd
  11. Tips for organizing Pecha Kucha sessions | Conferences That Work http://ow.ly/6jniy by Adrian Segar @ASegar
  12. #ECTC11 Connecting with the lessons to be learned - VIDEO COMMENT from Amsterdam | http://ow.ly/6jntn by Anonymous 
  13. ECTC11: Experiences of a Remote Attendee - Engage365 http://ow.ly/6jpzB by Derrick Stomp
  14. Engaging Your Remote Audience  http://ow.ly/6orve  by @EmilieBarta
  15. Takeaways from EventCamp Twin Cities 2011 - The Big Ideas Blog from Omnipress http://ow.ly/6orqY by Sara Olbrantz
  16. Reflecting on Virtual Attendance of ECTC11 http://ow.ly/6oH2W by Emma Gabrielson

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

MPI World Education Congress 2011 (#WEC11) Blog List

UPDATED 8/11/11
A listing of relevant #WEC11 blog and article postings.
MPI's 2011 World Education Congress took place in Orlando from July 23 to July 26.

"Let’s get a few statistics out of the way first:

  • More than 3,500 Hosted Buyer appointments with 225 participating supplier companies
  • 6,579 unique visitors to the WEC Live Online experience
  • A #WEC11 twitter transcript that is nearly 250 two-sided pages long
  • 55 participants in the Clean the World CSR project alone (seven total projects)"

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Twitter: How to get started and gain a healthy following?

A LinkedIn Question Via Rick Cram:

QUESTION: Cameron, what do you recommend to newcomers of Twitter, in terms of what to do first, how to get started, and how to gain a healthy list of followers?

1. When you sign up for Twitter use your name (@firstlast) or a catchy (easy to write) Twitter Handle.

2. If you choose to use a brand name make sure you note who is tweeting from the account on the profile.

3. People like following people so be a person first and a brand second.

4. Whether you post a picture of yourself (preferred) or a logo/brand image make sure it represents you well.

5. When you tweet, treat your Twitter stream like a magazine or newspaper.  Your tweets should be 80% interesting and relevant content targeted towards your main audience with only 20% or less of your tweets talking about yourself or your brand.

6. When listening to see what is useful and relevant follow hashtags like #eventprofs for Event Professionals and #assnchat for Associations.  Use these hashtags in your tweets to be seen by these relevant audiences.  When onsite at a conference make sure you follow and tweet the hashtag for the conference(i.e. #WEC11).  Strike quickly when the opportunity arrises to follow popular discussions to discover and follow your relevant audience.  If you are relevant to them they will follow you back!

You can also use tools like Twellow but you will get the most out of Twitter by actually interacting, sharing, promoting others and fostering relationships that start online and continue off!

Here is a resource to find Twitter Apps: TwitterEye

I hope that is helpful.


Highlights from Malcolm Gladwell's Book "Outliers"

No time to read Outliers yourself?  Or maybe you actually care what I think?  Either way I will be posting my highlights from Outliers as I read through.
August 9, 2011
Highlight from Chapter 1:  The Matthew Effect

This chapter provides evidential support for how rich getting richer and the poor get poorer. The Matthew Effect, essentially, is the effect of accumulative advantage.  From sports to school your life is guided by arbitrary things like your birthdate, socioeconomics, proximity to opportunity, etc.

A young person who wants to play a sport will benefit or suffer depending on the team selection cut date.  If you are 8 to 12 months younger than the same boys or girls in your age group you are at a huge disadvantage when competing for prestigious sponsored teams.  The same goes for educational access.  If you are entering 1st grade with students who are 6 to 12 months older than you than you are highly likely not to be judged as intelligent, as gifted or as ready to be given special advantages that "smarter" students receive.

Gladwell suggests that sports and schools group incoming students by age blocks and not just by arbitrary cut off dates that can severely effect student outcomes.