Sunday, August 19, 2012

6 Business Card Strategies That Work

By: Cameron Toth, Owner of Toth Event Staffing


6. Logo

You can crowd source your logo on websites such as Design Crowd and Crowd Spring.  One of the best things that you can do is find a trusted designer that you enjoy working with.  I was lucky enough to have Carlos Arias in my corner to design my logos.  Thank you Carlos!

A customized logo polishes your look and tells people to respect your brand!

5.  Vista Print

Vistaprint. Make an impression.
A great cost effective way to print your business card.  Include your logo, socialmedia info, QR code but do not forget your phone number, email and name!

Warning: Vistaprint's business model is to sell you as many extras as possible.  Beware of multiple offers and check your final order carefully.

4.  MOO

More expensive than Vista Print but for the most part you get what you pay for.  Cards are truly professional looking and you can choose from many innovative styles.

3. Card Case 

A good case that holds at least 20 cards is important to make sure your cards remain their crisp professional look.  A good case can also allow you to store the cards you receive at a networking event so that you can actually find them later.

Amazon is a great place to get one of these cases cheap.  When you order cards from they give you a great box but it is probably better for women who carry a purse than anyone that would like to keep their business cards in their pockets.

2. Understand Your Brand

Always be selling, ask what people do and what they like.  Train yourself to pivot any conversation towards the value of using your services.  You do not need to do a sales presentation, you shouldn't, but you should be able to get a few choice words in that helps people understand what you do through a frame of their business and their interests.

To hand out your card to the right people you should not attend networking events that are not filled with potential clients.  I am not suggesting that you should be a snob but I do want you to be selective with your time and not put yourself in a position that you will feel hesitant to hand out your card.

Find your customers and ask for their information.  In return hand them your card!  Even if you do not have time to follow up on client information you have made them feel important and they are more likely to value your information.

1. Follow Up

Whether it is a quick email or a hand written mailed note you should always follow up!  Save your contacts information, file it under potential customers and send a quick note.  Reintroduce yourself, thank them for the conversation and if feasible set up the next opportunity to talk, meet or demonstrate services.  Party or event invitations are great!

Don't lose those contacts you spent money and time making.  Include follow up time in your weekly schedule.