Monday, July 26, 2010

MPI World Education Congress 2010 Opening Session

Emmanuel Gobillot was excellent in the Sunday, July 25 opening session of MPI's WEC 2010.  He came on after a resounding message about making a difference.  His message was clear.  Do not waste your time.  Your time on this Earth is limited.  What you do in this moment affects the next and what you don't do may affect you even more.

"Build the emotion that people don't forget." "Have I made them feel stronger and more capable?" Mr. Gobillot was speaking to the meetings community.  Meeting planners, suppliers and folks like myself.  I am engaged in the non-profit sector and I took these words to heart.  I am setting out the 2010-2011 school year and strategizing how to move 200+ students closer to a compelling education and successful futures.

"People are afraid to help or enjoy seeing others fail"... Emmanuel is right!  I see this in teachers and administrators.  I see it in support staff.  I saw it in my corporate positions. And unfortunately I see it in my students as well.  How can they not learn this when the culture is all around them.

My challenge is to get students not afraid to help each other.  For students to speak out without fear confident that they are helping and not hindering, confident that watching others succeed is the best thing for everyone!  It is not an easy task but Gobillot layed out a nice little blueprint:

Effective Actions = Conversations + Shared History

I have seen this work time and time again and it was great to see someone lay it out this way.  When people unite around common relatable themes that is when you see cohesion and effectiveness across the board, 100%, all the time!

Find the uniting themes.  Create shared moments of learning.  Engage your audience and make them feel stronger and more capable.  By doing that you "Build the emotion that people don't forget."

Congratulations to MPI for delivering a great opening session!  You can see it hear