Monday, November 15, 2010

The Importance of Purpose

The video below is an amazing presentation by Dan Pink and RSA Animate.  Dan's point is that by giving people autonomy, freedom to master skills and freedom to pursue an organizations purpose you will get much better results than by offering large financial awards for success.

What does this mean for Community Engagement incentives?  How should we be motivating people?

Interesting advice based on study from Dan Pink is "Pay people enough to take the issue of money off the table. Pay people enough so that they aren't thinking about money, they are thinking about the work."
Watch the RSA Animate Video to See
This Drawn Along with the Speech

Dan Pink says people work better when given "Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose".  He makes the point that people want to do a good job so if you get out of their way, they more often than not, will!  He makes the point that people seek to learn new skills.  As a boss you want your employees to be more skillful.  So, let people build new skills.  Finally as Gordon Gekko says "Greed is good" but Dan says when greed is not attached to the company's purpose "Bad things happen".

I took from this that PURPOSE and CULTURE are king.  Create a culture that is focused around purpose and people will keep the agenda moving forward.

Purpose needs to drive financial decisions.  Too often I have seen companies waste time and kill culture by not wanting to "lose" money on an investment.  Sometime the investment is dead software that they don't want to scrap because "We have too much invested already".  Other times it is employees asking to go to a conference to learn and connect with people and it is seen as a vacation or waste to supervisors or a burden on their time because they will need to find coverage.

Too often I have seen companies "save" money with decisions that didn't make sense to the supposed purpose of the company.  More with less is the concept many people are faced with each day.  But, when did this become the purpose of a company?  If the purpose of a company is great customer service and results oriented problem solving is an automated call center the right solution?  Just sayin!

What is your purpose and what is your primary driver?  Do they match?

Looking forward to your responses.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Event Camp East Coast (#ECEC10) Blog Post List and Resources (Updated 01/02/11)

Event Camp East Coast 2010 is really getting started on the virtual campaign now. Bloggers, journalists, commentators will all weigh in to help on-site attendees and virtually interested Event Professionals (#eventprofs) to enjoy, understand and refresh on all the great ideas shared and learned from Event Camp! 

For your referencing pleasure here is a list. As I find more articles I will update this post so please check back!


2. Event Camp East Coast Home Page (Stay tuned for updates here from the #ECEC10 Team of @ASegar, @TraciBrowne and @Eventsforgood) by Adrian Segar, Traci Browne and Lindsey Rosenthal as well as guest bloggers

3. #ECEC10 What the Hashtag Page (Cool to find archive of tweets, top tweeters and other engagement statistics) by

Interesting Statistics you will find on the #ECEC10 What the Hashtag Page are:
#ECEC10 Twitter Statistics for the last 7 days (Nov 10-Nov 16):

                1,108 tweets
                119 contributors
                158.3 tweets per day
                54.1% come from "The Top 10"
                34.5% are retweets
                78.8% are mentions
                41.6% have multiple hashtags

4. 33+ Event Camp East Coast Attendees to Follow - Twitter list by Jay S Daughtry M.Ed. (@ChatterBachs)

5. The LETTER that sparked the onsite #EVENTPROFS conversation from the community founder Lara McCulloch-Carter

20. A Call To The #Eventprofs Community | by Adrian Segar, Traci Browne and Lindsey Rosenthal (@asegar, @traciBrowne, @eventsforgood)

I am quite sure there will be much more to come!!!  Check back often and please subscribe to my blog.

Please comment on what kind of blog posts that you would like to see about Event Camp East Coast 2010.

Thank you!  

Saturday, November 13, 2010

LEAST Positive and MOST Positive of #EventCamp East Coast (#ecec10)

The PEOPLE have been fantastic, amazing and incredibly intelligent. Examples in the "Most Positive" below. We at #ECEC10 designed our conference yesterday and today. We have had one excellent session after excellent session. I have been extremely satisfied with learning sessions that were not set and designed before the conference. There were no pre-arranged speakers and that has been great! I have heard from attendees that I want to work with instead of talking heads that aren't relevant to me. An event that is focused around attendee feedback is a better event.

 Least Positive: The somewhat sadly populated conversation on Twitter. I like hearing from attendees on Twitter. But it has been difficult to tweet because of the incredible interactivity and engagement. It remains to be seen and I am sure folks will talk about the needed/not-needed "confidentiality" aspect of UNCONFERENCE at #eventcamp. This will be a major learning point without regard to the final group verdict. Negativity is contagious so please talk more about all of the successes than our failures.

 Most Positive: The PEOPLE have been fantastic, amazing and incredibly intelligent. Examples of intelligent people that have stood out to me: Lindsey Rosenthal (@eventsforgood) [great heart and passion], Adrian Segar (@asegar) [amazing event model], Sarah Weiss (@SAWeiss) [non-profit wisdom], Manpreet Wadan (@manpreetwadan) [Virtual World advocate that is passionate about attendee experience], Samuel Smith (@SamuelJSmith) [event planner that really uses technology], Eric Lukazewski (@ericlukazewski) [event design knowledge leader and social media expert], Debra Roth (@PinkDeb) [amazing marketing and design professional who is a pleasure to be around], Kiki L'Italien (@Kikilitalien) [An amazing personality and energy in every room she is in!], Howard Givner (@hgivner) [a business owner who shares successful strategies really well], Jenise Fryatt (@jenisefryatt) [an amazing event and social media professional]. I can go on but I feel like this is too many words. I will share more on Twitter.

 I have learned an incredible amount, in a short amount of time, about events, business, networking, event design and technology.