Sunday, November 14, 2010

Event Camp East Coast (#ECEC10) Blog Post List and Resources (Updated 01/02/11)

Event Camp East Coast 2010 is really getting started on the virtual campaign now. Bloggers, journalists, commentators will all weigh in to help on-site attendees and virtually interested Event Professionals (#eventprofs) to enjoy, understand and refresh on all the great ideas shared and learned from Event Camp! 

For your referencing pleasure here is a list. As I find more articles I will update this post so please check back!


2. Event Camp East Coast Home Page (Stay tuned for updates here from the #ECEC10 Team of @ASegar, @TraciBrowne and @Eventsforgood) by Adrian Segar, Traci Browne and Lindsey Rosenthal as well as guest bloggers

3. #ECEC10 What the Hashtag Page (Cool to find archive of tweets, top tweeters and other engagement statistics) by

Interesting Statistics you will find on the #ECEC10 What the Hashtag Page are:
#ECEC10 Twitter Statistics for the last 7 days (Nov 10-Nov 16):

                1,108 tweets
                119 contributors
                158.3 tweets per day
                54.1% come from "The Top 10"
                34.5% are retweets
                78.8% are mentions
                41.6% have multiple hashtags

4. 33+ Event Camp East Coast Attendees to Follow - Twitter list by Jay S Daughtry M.Ed. (@ChatterBachs)

5. The LETTER that sparked the onsite #EVENTPROFS conversation from the community founder Lara McCulloch-Carter

20. A Call To The #Eventprofs Community | by Adrian Segar, Traci Browne and Lindsey Rosenthal (@asegar, @traciBrowne, @eventsforgood)

I am quite sure there will be much more to come!!!  Check back often and please subscribe to my blog.

Please comment on what kind of blog posts that you would like to see about Event Camp East Coast 2010.

Thank you!