Saturday, November 13, 2010

LEAST Positive and MOST Positive of #EventCamp East Coast (#ecec10)

The PEOPLE have been fantastic, amazing and incredibly intelligent. Examples in the "Most Positive" below. We at #ECEC10 designed our conference yesterday and today. We have had one excellent session after excellent session. I have been extremely satisfied with learning sessions that were not set and designed before the conference. There were no pre-arranged speakers and that has been great! I have heard from attendees that I want to work with instead of talking heads that aren't relevant to me. An event that is focused around attendee feedback is a better event.

 Least Positive: The somewhat sadly populated conversation on Twitter. I like hearing from attendees on Twitter. But it has been difficult to tweet because of the incredible interactivity and engagement. It remains to be seen and I am sure folks will talk about the needed/not-needed "confidentiality" aspect of UNCONFERENCE at #eventcamp. This will be a major learning point without regard to the final group verdict. Negativity is contagious so please talk more about all of the successes than our failures.

 Most Positive: The PEOPLE have been fantastic, amazing and incredibly intelligent. Examples of intelligent people that have stood out to me: Lindsey Rosenthal (@eventsforgood) [great heart and passion], Adrian Segar (@asegar) [amazing event model], Sarah Weiss (@SAWeiss) [non-profit wisdom], Manpreet Wadan (@manpreetwadan) [Virtual World advocate that is passionate about attendee experience], Samuel Smith (@SamuelJSmith) [event planner that really uses technology], Eric Lukazewski (@ericlukazewski) [event design knowledge leader and social media expert], Debra Roth (@PinkDeb) [amazing marketing and design professional who is a pleasure to be around], Kiki L'Italien (@Kikilitalien) [An amazing personality and energy in every room she is in!], Howard Givner (@hgivner) [a business owner who shares successful strategies really well], Jenise Fryatt (@jenisefryatt) [an amazing event and social media professional]. I can go on but I feel like this is too many words. I will share more on Twitter.

 I have learned an incredible amount, in a short amount of time, about events, business, networking, event design and technology.