Tuesday, August 09, 2011

MPI World Education Congress 2011 (#WEC11) Blog List

UPDATED 8/11/11
A listing of relevant #WEC11 blog and article postings.
MPI's 2011 World Education Congress took place in Orlando from July 23 to July 26.

"Let’s get a few statistics out of the way first:

  • More than 3,500 Hosted Buyer appointments with 225 participating supplier companies
  • 6,579 unique visitors to the WEC Live Online experience
  • A #WEC11 twitter transcript that is nearly 250 two-sided pages long
  • 55 participants in the Clean the World CSR project alone (seven total projects)"

MPI HQ World Education Congress Home Page by MPI (@MPI)

A story about the power of experiential learning | Conferences That Work by Adrian Segar (@ASegar)

Shifting to Digital: the MPI World Education Conference by Samuel J. Smith (@SamuelJSmith)

What You Can Learn from Meeting Planners International About Admitting Failure  by Leesa Barnes (@leesabarnes)

A Little WEC11 Love  by Vanessa LaClair, CMP (@VLaClair)

What’s Your Why? #WEC11 by Vanessa LaClair, CMP (@VLaClair)

WEC Rundown Part 1 by Vanessa LaClair, CMP (@VLaClair)

 WEC Rundown Part 2 by Vanessa LaClair, CMP (@VLaClair)

The fiction of a good conference. by Midori Connolly (@GreenA_V)

Attendees of MPI's World Education Congress Help Clean the World  by Greg Ruby (@GregRuby)

WEC, Day One: Meet Simon Sinek - Meetings & Events  by Alan Kleinfeld (@akleinfeld)

CMU MPI at the World Education Congress, Orando FL, 2011 by Lorie Tuma, BS, MSA (@LorieTuma)

RISE up! CMU students take the Stage! by Lorie Tuma, BS, MSA (@LorieTuma)

 See you in St. Louis, 2012 !!  by Lorie Tuma, BS, MSA (@LorieTuma)

So Much Better Than a Three-Hour Tour by Veleisa Patton (@VeleisaP)

WEC 2011 in Orlando by Cristina Nudelman (@crisnudel)

How is our "mix"?  by Jeanine Pires (@JeaninePires)

#WEC11: And the events industry in 2020?  by Jeanine Pires (@JeaninePires)

MPI #WEC11 Orlando Florida by Laiz A Rodrigues (@HotspotOrlando)

MPI #WEC11: Disney, Hard Rock Live, Orlando Hotels Host Social Events for Conference Attendees   via @BizBash

MPI WEC11 attendees had a blast making Flipbooks at HardRock in #Orlando. TwitVideo  video posted by Chip Alyea (@FlipbooksnCarts)

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