Thursday, September 01, 2011

Event Camp Sponsor and Tech Response #ectc11

My Response to Brandt Krueger's Blog Article Entitled On Sponsorship- Initial reflections from ECTC11 and the ensuing comments.
linking Facebook to Name-Badge

SPONSORSHIP – Sometimes sponsors join a cause or event because they want press and increased business. Sometimes sponsors make a donation to a cause or event because they believe in what the event producers are trying to do.
TECH – The tech on Event Camp Twin Cities 2011 was simply amazing. Check out a few of the tech innovations that worked:

  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) FACEBOOK TAGGED NAME BADGES – These were used to “LIKE” Sponsored areas on site.
  • GAME DYNAMICS: Encouraged “Sponsor Named Teams” to create or locate social media profiles and also create different multi-media presentations. Very hands on and participant driven. There were pieces that any event could use to its advantage.
  • VIDEO: From high end webcast to pre-recorded challenge videos – videos were really executed very well for a low cost event. We are continually reminded that video is the future. Sam and Ray pushed us closer to that future.
  • ELECTRICITY: There was always a plug when I needed it. For a tech driven event this was key!
  • WI-FI: High speed WI-FI was available throughout the meeting. This is absolutely essential for a tech driven event that incorporates GAMES, VIDEO, TWITTER, etc. into the event. So many events get this wrong that Ray and Sam deserve getting credit for getting this right!

(There was a problem with WI-FI on first day due to a University Hacking issue – I am looking forward to Sam’s report on this because this will be something to learn from “How do you prevent spammers from piggybacking on your bandwidth?”.)

  • FACEBOOK APP for VIEWING: Ray broadcast both rooms through a Facebook App – I am not sure how many people were viewing feeds through Facebook but that was really cool because you could view and comment in real time to fellow viewers.
  • MULTIPLE PODS and ROOM VIDEO FEED: We were able to see PODS video feed on screens in main room and their was a video camera (remote controlled movement!!!) pointed at us in the room. VERY COOL!!!

Forget the rest of the education. That was just the tech!!!!!
Everything and the kitchen sink was thrown at us. At times you felt dizzy from the blow but most of the time I was just blown away by all of the different elements that we can bring back to our events and our clients.
This is the point of Event Camp. See ideas in motion. Pick the ones you like and improve upon them. Some things did not work and Ray and Sam let us know that would happen at the beginning of the event. I know that Sam in particular felt really badly that the pods were not able to interact as much as he had originally envisioned. I am sure it is something he will fix for next years event.
I hope that sponsors feel that they contributed to pushing the events industry forward.
Thank you to ~~> Active Network Events, OmniPress, Sonic Foundry Media Site, BeEvents, BizBash, eTouches, EventMobi, MetroConnections, Lantern, The Conference Publishers, McNamara Alumni Center, Martin Bastian and all the other sponsors that I missed from both the onsite event and the pods!
Cameron Toth