Friday, December 18, 2009

December Show at Randolph - SBI College and Career Preparatory Institute

On December 17, 2009 Sound Business, Inc (SBI) College and Career Preparatory Institute held it's annual December Show and it was an electric and satisfying show. The lighting effects, audio production and stage management made the show work flawlessly. A special shout out to Vivien Bognot who helped to organize this show two months out from the show date.
Photo: Desi DVD @ Rehearsals
Performance coordinators along with Carolina Saavedra and Beatrice Hyppolite really helped to make sure that our fantastic performers were on task. Vivien along with Joanna Sanchez, Brenda Fantasia, Maryland Feliz, Stephanie Medina, Osvaldo, Christopher Wallace, Jamilla Lewis, Natasha Rosado, Aisse Magassa, and many others helped coordinate every practice which helped us prepare for an incredible show.
  • Our production crews for light and sound are amazing. Anthony Rodriguez was an excellent leader on Stage Management. Albert Then led the sound board responsibilities with the sharp talents of Javier Rodriguez behind him. Michel Mendez and Ariel German put together an amazing light show for the Randolph community's viewing pleasure. Geordano Abreu led the slide show effort with Christopher Wallace. Benny Calderon and Keagnia Saturria helped to record the show for the history books and we will have videos being uploaded into the new year.
  • PERFORMANCE GROUPS ROCKED THE HOUSE! Special shout to DESI for coming back from the brink of extinction to be one of the best acts in the show this year. Everyone is looking forward to Desi DVD staying in the game for a long time to come. May is looking brighter and brighter with each passing day! Sistas Only Step Team closed the show with a great team of ladies that stomped the stage into submission. West Indian DVD had the hottest music of the night and got the crowd moving. Latin DVD thrilled the crowd with the "Latin Flava" that only they can bring! Speaking of "flava", Urban DVD brought the city all around us into the building and pumped us all full of energy! World Beat DVD grew from a small little group of about seven people to twenty-five. They have a tradition of great costumes and they all looked fantastic on stage. Last but not even close to least, UB! United Brothers Step Team (UB) had the crown chanting "Uuuuuu Beeeeee". Hearing the crowd chant UB got my heart beating and really touched me. The power of their performance and the crowds reaction to them was just awesome.
Special shout out to the captains:
  • DESI DVD - Moury Akter & Bella Dapilma
  • LATIN DVD - Melissa Montano-Ariza & Elizabeth Rosa
  • SISTAS ONLY STEP TEAM - Monifa & Evelyn Alexander
  • URBAN DVD - Akosua & Genesis Garcia
  • UNITED BROTHERS STEP TEAM - Trevor & Selwyn Plunkett
  • WEST INDIAN DVD - Dominique SaintVil, NaDeja Lindsey & Fabu Cox
  • WORLD BEAT DVD - Crystal DeLaCruz, Jasmine Matos, Jennibeth Bencosme & Liane Guadalupe
World Beat DVD Evening Performance